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Everybody Loves Chris

I think it is safe to say that Chris is somewhat of an ICLS legend in our world of cosmetic surgery. She has worked with Dr. Khanna, our female plastic surgeon and Dr. Sapra, dermatologist for over TEN YEARS! But she is most recognizable by her ever present smile and charming demeanor. We love Chris to bits and joke that with her British accent she could say anything to us and it’s like rainbows and kittens in our ear. For this reason we couldn’t wait to do a “staff picks” post on her. Although she’d never admit it, Chris is asked at least ten times a day what she does to look so young and vibrant. While we’d love to chalk it all up to her optimistic attitude, but even Chris uses products to maintain a youthful glow. The one beauty regimen that is integral to her daily routine is the application of an under eye cream. Her favourite is the Revaleskin Replenishing Eye Therapy. With potent anti-oxidants that include 1% CoffeeBerry, her eyes stay looking refreshed and rested at all times.

Everybody Loves Chris

Chris' Staff Picks - Revaleskin Replenishing Eye Therapy
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