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Elementary my dear Watson.

We here at ICLS have always joked that Dr. Sapra, our dermatologist is like the superhero “The Flash.” He is “faster than the speed of light!” We are constantly pulling him in all directions. In reality he could find great use in some sort of underground tunnel system that gets him from Spa, to the Derm side and then downstairs to our Clinical Trials department. Nevermind his whirlwind 2-3 day trips to places like Hong Kong, Thailand and England. All because he wants to be back and ready for his patients come Monday morning. But seriously…who flies for 8 hours to then turn around and come home? I guess Dr. Sapra does!

So recently Dr. Sapra and Ginny (our clinical trials co-coordinator) recently went to Philadelphia for an investigators meeting about a new drug for treatment of psoriasis. The purpose of this meeting was to ultimately learn the ins and outs of the research conducted on the drug thus far. The drug has had excellent results, which has encouraged Dr. Sapra to conduct a number of psoriasis clinical trials at ourcosmetic surgery and dermatology clinic.

Dr. Sapra and Ginny went through all of the possible ethical questions which are required as part of any clinical trial, including patient health and safety. According to Dr. Sapra, it is also important to conduct clinical research in an independent environment. This allows ICLS to test whether a drug or a technique is truly effective; thereby enabling ICLS to stay at the forefront of the constant influx of new research. We have a number of new clinical trials taking place at ICLS including acne, treatment of facial lines and of course psoriasis. If you are interested in participating in a study at ICLS please contact the research department at: 905-842-2262 and ask for Ginny.

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