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Dry Winter Skin

December 8, 2010ICLS0Categories: Face, Home

Sheetal Sapra MD, FRCPC, Dermatologist

Dry skin can occur year round, but it is most prevalent during the winter months when low humidity in combination with frigid weather and indoor heating can take its toll on the skin.

Cold air cannot hold any moisture and when skin is exposed it can cause cells to break down and allow irritants to easily pass through, causing dryness, itchiness and inflammation. Hot water can also dry out the skin, so it is recommended to use lukewarm water when bathing or washing hands. Also, cutting down on bathing times and remembering to pat dry instead of rubbing can reduce irritation which can help alleviate itchiness.

The use of a moisturizer, preferably one with broad-spectrum UV protection, on the affected areas in heavy layers, can help alleviate dry skin. For patients with more severe dryness, placing a portable humidifier in the room can help in the winter months as a heated room can cause the air to become dry.  DermaDNA Night Treatment, which can be purchased from The Skin Spa, is specially formulated to work all night to assist the body’s natural repair system to boost hydration lost during the day.

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