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A fitting gift for Dr. Sapra

Well, his dreams have finally come true! His face on a huge piece of dark chocolate!

Dr.-SapraThis was a gift that Dr. Sapra received the other day, from one of our industry partners as a thank you for helping her to compile some video clips for a presentation that she was giving to a group of up and coming physicians in Toronto. The funny part is that, as he often does, Dr. Sapra took this assignment to an extremely serious level. He is very passionate about his practice and what he feels makes him a successful medical doctor and when he was asked for his “secret” to his success, he replied in true Sapra style, “Make every patient happy!”

The thing about this, is that when you go to Medical school, they teach you many things, but one thing they don’t teach you is the importance of showing empathy, listening while present, doing the best you can for every patient and truly enjoying what you do.  For a man who puts the “A” in Type-A personality, this was no small feat for Dr. Sapra. I personally have known him for 20 years, and he has always been an amazingly, brilliant Dermatologist, but in the past 5 years, I have seen him become a calmer, gentler, noticeably kinder human being. He genuinely cares about each and every patient.

His Type-A, hyper-active, driven personality, sometimes gets the best of him, but that never stops him in his pursuit to “make every patient happy!” It actually truly pains him to know that he has failed a patient in some way and the person has left dissatisfied or disappointed. I sometimes think he keeps me around, so that I can help him to understand, that you can’t possibly make EVERY patient happy. This doesn’t stop him though, from trying to do just that every single day!

So, this thank you gift that was likely given in jest, really makes sense to me, to have put his smiling face on something sweet like chocolate. It just seems so fitting in my eyes.

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