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Dr. Khanna’s Fashion Finds

September 26, 2013ICLS0Tags: , , Categories: Home, ICLS

On this cool Thursday morning as Dr. Khanna was just about to enter the building and start her day seeing patients in consultation, I stopped dead in my tracks to say “Holla…where’d you get those shoes???” Ok maybe it wasn’t quite that informal, but I was instantly smitten with her electric blue platforms and matching Michael Kors bag. I have always been a fan of fall wears, and Dr. Khanna’s choices are no exception. I often look forward to Tuesdays and Thursdays (when she’s in consultation) because I know she’ll be rocking a new pair of funky heels.

She seemed happy with my inquests until I asked if I could take a picture of her. I just couldn’t help it! Her outfit was so awesome I thought it only fitting that I share it with the world. As with most things, I figured the only way my plan could be hatched would be if I bombarded her before she finished her grande skim latte and realized what was happening!

Before she knew it I was snapping as many shots as I could get before her inevitable “caffeine awakening.” As a male patient exited the building he exclaimed, “Take a picture of those awesome shoes!” So my point was proven! When men start commenting on smart footwear, you know it’s photo-worthy.

Some may wonder how she can navigate through breast augmentation, tummy tuck or eyelid lift consults in heels such as these, but that’s just Dr. Khanna for you! She is one busy lady who is literally always on the go; and in sky-high Louboutins she just happens to look really amazing doing it!

Dr. Khanna’s Fashion Finds

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Dr. Khanna’s Fashion Finds

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