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A Day of Service Excellence

October 3, 2013ICLS0Tags: , , , Categories: Home, ICLS

We at ICLS have been planning a special event for almost 6 months now. We are always talking about how we can bring better service to our patients. And I know that may sound like common sense, but we take this extremely seriously. We know that without change and continuous training it would be very easy to become complacent. Luckily for us we have two doctors, both Dr. Sapra and Dr. Khanna who constantly push the boundaries of what it means to deliver superb customer service. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to work for physicians who didn’t have this as one of their top priorities. Having worked at ICLS for almost 11 years now, I honestly can say that I’m glad I don’t know this reality. Having this constant push from the top down has just made customer service a part of our deeply engrained culture. And I kid you not when I say, “we’re ALWAYS talking about it! Always…always.” Did I say always?

That is why review sites like RateMD and Facebook are so important to us. Also, the surveys we send to all our patients after their initial consultation is information we cherish. We really take this information to heart. And it’s not that we don’t love getting glowing reviews and compliments (because believe me, we do…) but we often look for the negative so we know how we can bring better service to our patients and how we can improve. We also have monthly division meetings and quarterly full staff meetings where we share this information, discuss ideas and put concrete plans into action in an effort to improve anything and everything we can. So if you ever wondered why you even fill out a survey; if it’s coming from ICLS, you’ll know it’s because we care and actually take the steps to change.

ICLS' Team


ICLS’ Day of Service Excellence

So back to this Saturday and our half-year preparations! We wanted to design a program that took our normal discussions and pushed them beyond the typical boundaries. Sometimes it takes actually getting outside the “hamster wheel” to really be innovative, creative and instigate some serious change. When we thought of a company who has constantly supported our ideals and culture, the answer came almost immediately. Vivier Pharma is a family-owned and operated pharmaceutical brand skincare company that we have long-supported. They have an outstanding brand that we know delivers strong and consistent results to our patients. As with anything we recommend in the clinic it all comes down to confidence. If we make a recommendation, our nurses and skincare specialists need to be 150% confident that it’s going to deliver the results that is going to allow our patients to not only reach their goals, but also to trust us. In the cosmetic medical industry, trust is everything. We have built our practise without advertising and instead rely on word of mouth, and that means happy patients talking to their friends and family. And we truly pride ourselves on this! Ask any staff member and our chests puff up a little bit when we hear that a patient has been referred by a friend or family member…but that’s just the norm around these parts.

When we first approached Vivier about our idea to have a SERVICE EXCELLENCE seminar, they were immediately on board and thus the planning begun. In a nutshell, our goals for the meeting were to:

  • better understand the needs of our patients
  • be able to consistently deliver a treatment program that takes all of our patients needs into consideration (lifestyle, timeline, budget etc.)

Customer service can be very complex because although our ultimate goal is ALWAYS to meet the needs of our patients no matter what it takes; two patients may have identical concerns, but there are additional factors that we are responsible for understanding in order to meet their unique needs.

So on Saturday morning, our entire staff of nurses and patient coordinators including Dr. Sapra and Dr. Khanna travelled to the Trump Hotel in downtown Toronto. You may wonder why we couldn’t just have the meeting in our lovely Oakville office. However, getting out of the office was integral to the success of the meeting. Being removed from your normal environment and routine can allow you to think about issues with fresh eyes. Also, what better venue than the Trump Toronto, whose customer service is a central and important part of their business? Whether it was valet, the doorman, the concierge or the servers, every touch point was an opportunity to learn and witness their amazing customer service. After our meeting we had a lovely lunch at STOCK Restaurant which was on the 31st floor of the Trump Toronto. The pregnant ladies of ICLS had these lovely “mocktails” with their lunch and we all noshed on a gorgeous Burrata salad and kobe beef burgers.



Burrata Salad


A Day of Service Excellence

At the end of the meeting we took a beautiful photo of our staff and the Vivier team. I don’t know if it’s because the staff wanted us to rest or if they’re convinced an epidemic is upon us at ICLS, but they kindly put all the pregnant ladies on the couch in the front. We will cherish this photo as a reminder of all we have learned. We cannot thank Vivier Pharma enough for their support and encouragement. It is events such as these that have allowed us to grow to where we are today and what we will become in the years to come!

A Day of Service Excellence


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