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CoolSculpting® through Zeltiq™

Lots of people have areas of unwanted fat on their bodies…myself included!

Because of that, for the past 5 years, we at ICLS have been offering a treatment called Zeltiq™ (aka CoolSculpting®) that freezes away unwanted fat cells. It works beautifully and has a long history of making people happier with their trouble areas. It is definitely a favourite treatment amongst patients and staff.

So, when we heard about an intensive training program in California that was being offered by Zeltiq™. Two nurses, myself included, were thrilled to be able to go and extend our knowledge of this popular procedure.

On the one hand it was lovely to learn how many things we were doing right, and on the other, to learn some new techniques that we have since started to include in our own practice.

CoolSculpting through Zeltiq

It was also really nice to meet the people responsible for all the research, development and safety studies that have been and continue to be done for this treatment. They have their protocol down to a fine art, and we got all the benefit of their learning and experience.

We also learned what can happen if someone uses an impostor machine. Scary!!! They may be cheaper, but it is very risky to use something that does not have all the safety mechanisms in place that Zeltiq™ uses in their coolsculpting machines.

It is a real privilege to work at ICLS – an environment where safety, patient satisfaction, constant updates and new learning opportunities are the norm.

It is also an honor to be able to help people with areas of their person with which they have sometimes been uncomfortable for a long time, and use a treatment that has such a proven track record.

San Francisco

We also made some time to have fun! The two of us went to San Francisco for a day, and got to ride the cable car, eat probably the best pizza I have ever had, visit Alcatraz, eat more fabulous food, shop, climb Lombard Street, wander through Chinatown, shop some more, then take the cable car again, then again, see the Golden Gate Bridge, and eat more delicious food!! San Francisco is definitely one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to in North America. Plus I had great company!

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