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Charity Garage Sale

September 6, 2011ICLS0Tags: , , , Categories: Charity, Home, ICLS

It is a familiar story, just before a family is about to move into a new home, they realize that their stuff has multiplied in their sleep. Dr. Khanna would argue, quite eloquently, that she too was a victim of such “Object Multiplication.” Her solution was simple however; she would hold a Garage Sale and donate all of the proceeds to the Oakville Memorial Hospital. Her children asked the neighbors if they too wanted to participate and they were met with an incredible amount of enthusiasm. Neighbors, friends and co-workers donated items and came on the day of the sale to buy new treasures.

Charity Garage Sale

As an added incentive to buyers, Dr. Khanna also organized for the hospital to provide tax receipts for anyone who purchased an item at the sale. At the end of the day the event managed to raise just over $3000 for the Oakville Memorial Hospital! A huge congratulations goes out to everyone involved.

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