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We call him the “Bionic Man”!

June 16, 2014Karen Rosbrook0Tags: , , , Categories: Home, ICLS

For those of you who are too young to know who the Bionic Man, or Six Million Dollar Man was, it was a really cheesy crime fighting show in the late 70s. Essentially, The Six Million Dollar Man was a series about a former astronaut with bionic implants working for a fictional government office known as OSI. He was basically unstoppable, and these days Dr. Sapra can certainly be compared to this 70’s icon.

If you follow our blogs at all, you will remember my sharing our Milan adventures, where before we even left Canada, Dr. Sapra had injured his MCL in his right leg, requiring surgery to be booked upon his return from Italy. Did that stop the Bionic Man……NO! Then, while travelling through Europe, or should I say “limping through Europe”, he tore his bicep muscle. Did that stop the Bionic Man….NO!

He certainly is a trooper, but after we returned, he did have to have emergency surgery. That following week he was supporting himself on a makeshift stool, with his dress shirt sleeve altered to fit his solid, wrist to shoulder cast through. Did that stop him….NO! He then travelled back to Italy for a bicycle tour with his family that had been booked almost a year previously. He walked and rode a stationary bike, while everyone else biked through Sicily, as he knew if he cancelled, his wife and friends would be disappointed.

When he returned, we moved our entire Plastic Surgery practice into another part of our building, which had been under renovation for months previous, and being that he has always shared a private office with his wife, who happens to be the Director of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Julie Khanna, he was forced to move his office, as well. Did that stop him……NO! You can see him here, happily cleaning his new desk and smiling, all the while.

Bionic Man_DrSApra

So this why we call him the Bionic Man of Dermatology!

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