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Bye Bye Bulge: Without Surgery?

September 23, 2011ICLS0Tags: , , , Categories: Body, Home, ICLS


I don’t think anyone really anticipated there being a time where we could significantly reduce pockets of fat without surgery. But welcome to 2011, where non-surgical fat reduction has become one of the most sought-after and popular treatment options to reduce areas on the tummy, hips, arms, thighs, love handles and even for Gynecomastia (male breast tissue). How exciting is that? People ask us all the time…but is that really possible? And we are just as elated every time to respond with YES! Not only is it possible, it is extremely effective and we absolutely love recommending it for patients.

Bye Bye Bulge: Without Surgery?

So on this fine raining day, Jaime decided to let us tag along as she had her 2nd Liposonix® treatment. Most often we will perform a series of 2 Liposonix® treatments to get the very best result! She was mainly concerned with her tummy and had her first treatment a few months back. She was also treated on her sides to provide further contour. So after barraging her with photographs, she was still kind enough to sit down and chat with me about her experience.

Liposonix<sup>®</sup> - Before & After

Q. So what made you decide to have Liposonix®?

A. To get rid of my chubbiness! (Jaime laughs out loud!) But seriously, I am going to be getting married and planning a tropical vacation next year and really just want to look my best. There were just certain parts of my abdomen that had pockets of fat I did not like. I do Pilates and work out really hard, but that is definitely my trouble spot

Q. Was it painful at all? Were the treatments what you expected?

A. Treatments were a little painful at first, but subsided once I got used to the feeling. But oh man, it was more than worth it.

Q. What if any results have you seen thus far?

A. My tummy is definitely more contoured and flatter than before. I can’t wait to see my final photos after this treatment.

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