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Breast Reshaping Procedures

March 4, 2011ICLS0Categories: Breast, Home

Women who have had multiple pregnancies, rapid weight-loss or have concerns with the appearance of their breasts can select from a variety of breast reshaping procedures. These procedures can be used to enhance the size and/or shape of the breast, or to restore a more youthful contour. Dr. Khanna specializes in all forms of breast reshaping. Breast augmentations (breast implant surgery) and mastopexy’s (breast lifts) are the two most common breast procedures that are performed in the clinic. Breast augmentation surgery offers many options depending on the specific needs of the individual. These options include the size and type of the implant (saline, cohesive gel), as well as the type of incision. Dr. Khanna takes extremely detailed and scientific measurements to assist her patients in choosing a style and shape of implant that suits each individual’s unique body type, shape and height. All of these options will be thoroughly discussed during the consultation process in order to meet and exceed patient expectations. A mastopexy involves removing excess skin and breast tissue to lift drooping breasts that may be caused by aging, multiple pregnancies and rapid weight loss. A mastopexy can also correct the position of asymmetrical/drooping nipples. Both of these procedures can be performed on their own or at the same time as part of one procedure.

Other concerns that women may have include inverted/protruding nipples and large/puffy areolas (darker skin around the nipples). Incisions can be made in the natural border of the nipple/areola to minimize any visible scarring which produces a natural, cosmetically appealing result. In most cases this type of procedure can be done under a local anaesthetic, unless performed in conjunction with other breast reshaping surgeries such as a breast augmentation or breast lift, which would then require a general anaesthetic.  Please contact us at your earliest convenience to schedule your consultation with Dr. Julie Khanna.

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