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Ask the Doctors – Options for Darker Skin Types

Ask the Doctors – Options for Darker Skin Types

Question – Being that ICLS has over 25 laser systems, why is it that certain lasers are not suitable for darker skin types? Are there other options?

Answer – Patients who have darker skin tones are often at a higher risk of unwanted pigmentation problems with certain types of lasers. This is especially true for laser hair removal. We actually have two technologies for laser hair removal, both the Lightsheer Duet and the Coolglide laser. The Coolglide is specifically suited for darker skin tones. That is also why we have over 25 laser systems to ensure that we have options for all different concerns, patients and skin tones. Remember; when it comes to treating the skin, there is no one size fits all policy. That is why it is very important to consult with a board certified dermatologist prior to treatment, in order to ensure that a laser is safe for your skin.

If you have darker skin, some other options could be Dermamelan or Skintx. Skintx is a great at-home physician recommended treatment system that can be used to treat melasma and other forms of pigmentation such as freckles, brown spots etc. Whereas, Dermamelan is a medical mask that is applied to the skin in the clinic which also treats these same forms of pigmentation.

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