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Yoga! Yoga! Yoga!

Yoga! Yoga! At ICLS

Do you remember when we posted on how much our very own dermatologist, Dr. Sheetal Sapra loves yoga? Well, the ICLS contagion continues. Dr. Sapra said, “come on gang, you are going to love yoga and proceeded to sign us all up for a group yoga class at Power Yoga Canada!” Even the more reluctant members of our troop are complete converts. As our female plastic surgeon Dr. Khanna always says: there is no substitute for good health and exercise. In fact, Dr. Sapra and Dr. Khanna are in Croatia as we speak on an extreme biking adventure! We’ll make sure to post more about this as soon as their back.

During our visits we found out about the excellent non-profit organization Power Yoga Canada is involved in. They have been supporting the Africa Yoga Project (AYP) for some time now. The project employs local yoga teachers in Kenya, to lead out-reach programs in the slums of Nairobi. Furthermore, the project has also built three schools in the Masai Village where women and orphaned children are now receiving an education. If you would like more information on AYP or would like to contribute in some way please visit the website here:

Dr. Sheetal Sapra loves yoga
Africa Yoga Project
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