Ask the Doctors – What exactly is a mummy makeover?

What exactly is a mummy makeover?

Question – What exactly is a mummy makeover?

Answer – The joys of motherhood are numerous; but the children that we love so dearly don’t often leave our bodies where they found them! While each patient is different post pregnancy, the breasts are often left saggy and deflated, and the tummy is left with loose skin and muscles that are pulled apart. Fixing these problems concurrently is what we call a “Mummy Makeover.” This often involves some combination of tummy tuck, breast lift and/or breast augmentation. Even though this may sound daunting, the mummy makeover truly is one of our most common surgical procedures. I think that being a woman and having five children, I understand a mother’s goals and what they are trying to achieve.

Beyond this, Dr. Sapra our dermatologist and I work side by side, allowing us to take a global perspective when helping mothers to look and feel their best. We know all about late nights, and lack of sleep and this can begin to be reflected in our skin’s appearance. So whether it’s non-surgical facial rejuvenation such as E2 – Ematrix™, or possibly Botox® and fillers; we are able to tailor a solution that addresses a variety of concerns.

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