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What Do You Mean No Coffee???

June 20, 2011ICLS0Categories: Home, ICLS

ICLS is dedicated to providing treatments and products that actually do what they claim. We think that this is just common sense, but there are many things out there in the world of advertising where I’m left deflated from false expectations! We believe so strongly in this, that before any product or procedure comes into the clinic, it is first put to the test by none other than our ICLS team!

First to share her experience is our own Dr. Julie Khanna who has begun GliSODin’s detoxification cleanse, in an effort to get healthy, focus on what she is eating and to just feel better! The goal of the program is to cleanse the body of toxins, reduce bloating, while promoting healthy weight loss and clear, healthy skin.

Each detoxification sachet is mixed with water and consumed twice daily over a 15-day period. During this time, Dr. K will have to completely avoid: white sugar, white flour, trans-fats, fried food and pre-packaged food. Lastly, and perhaps to add insult to her dessert-free injury, Dr. Khanna will also have to begin consuming caffeine in moderation. And if you know Dr Khanna, you also know that this is asking A LOT!

We’ll be doing a follow-up blog post in 15 days…so check back to see what Dr. Khanna thought overall!!


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