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Turning Back The Hands Of Time

When writing this post, I could not help but think about the movie “Zoolander.” There is a scene where Ben Stiller meets the world’s most famous hand model. When he meets the model his hand is encased in a temperature controlled glass case in order to protect them from the elements.

While most of us want to keep our hands looking youthful, keeping them encased in glass globes isn’t exactly a feasible solution. You may remember that Dr. Sapra, ICLS’s dermatologist, recently went to Brazil in order to investigate the use of hylauronic acid fillers to improve the look of hands. Dr. Sapra and his Nurse Injector team who specialize in all forms of injections including BOTOX®, Selphyl® and Sculptra®; accompanied him and were thrilled with the results. The procedure is surprising fast and comfortable since a small cannula is used to distribute the product evenly and naturally in the hands. We focus so much on our face that sometimes we forget about our hands!

Keeping your Hands looking Youthful
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