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Treating Rosacea: Cynergy Laser

April 19, 2010ICLS1Tags: , , , Categories: Face, Home

Sheetal Sapra MD, FRCPC, Dermatologist

With over 13 million North Americans suffering from Rosacea, the causes of it are still poorly understood.  It can be characterized by facial redness that can chronically appear due to aggregating factors such as exposure to weather, certain foods and drinks, exercise, medication and certain types of cosmetics.

Depending on the severity of the disease, Rosacea patients might be advised to use cosmetics to cover up, or be prescribed medications to reduce flare ups. But one option available at the Institute of Cosmetic and Laser Surgery is the Cynergy Laser.

The Cynergy Laser combines a PDL (Pulse Dye Laser) and a YAG Laser which combined together can effectively treat Rosacea or any other blood based skin lesions on the face such as broken capillaries or red acne scarring. Please contact us at ICLS to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sapra to see if Cynergy Laser may be right for you.

In our Skin Spa we also offer REVALESKIN® skin care products which features the Intense Recovery Treatment cream. This cream can effectively reduce redness and skin pigmentation along with reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The entire REVALESKIN® line is comprised of 4 products, a facial cleanser, a day cream with SPF15 sunscreen, a night cream, and replenishing eye therapy. All products contain Coffeeberry extract which is high in antioxidants and is a key ingredient to reducing fine lines and wrinkles. All REVALESKIN® products have been dermatologist tested and are gentle to almost all skin types. REVALÉSKIN® can be purchased through aesthetic physicians or at our Skin Spa without a prescription.

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