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May 16, 2013ICLS0Tags: , Categories: Home, ICLS

We talk about it time and time again; because we truly cannot believe how quickly ICLS has grown over the years. When Dr. Khanna and Dr. Sapra first opened the practise, there was literally one nurse, one laser and one receptionist. Click here for the ICLS story. We also realize and talk all the time about how appreciative we are of our loyal patient base that spread the word to friends and family about ICLS. Since we don’t do any advertising, it’s the only way other than the wonderful World Wide Web that people learn about our doctors, our clinic and what ICLS is truly all about.

When people enter through our main doors for the first time, the most common comment is, “wow, that’s a lot of charts!” But they are really floored when we tell them that its only one years’ worth! So after going EMR (electronic medical records), we’ve all offered our two cents as to what we think the dreaded chart wall should become. I’ve heard everything from fish tank, storage and even an art wall featuring local artists. While these are all great ideas I still think a “slip and slide” would really spice this place up a bit!

But back to the office: Over the years we have added our medical “Skin Spa,” a growing clinical trials unit; and have even expanded our dermatology and cosmetic surgery areas. With all of these rapid changes we thought it would be a good idea to do a video walk through of our clinic so people can get a visual reference of what to expect when they walk through our doors. The video walks you through our entire office (except clinical trials); and gives a brief description of what to expect in each department. With safety and comfort being two of our biggest priorities, we always want to demonstrate the level of quality, cutting-edge technology and expertise that ICLS has to offer.

For example, ICLS has two fully accredited operating rooms on site. This means that ICLS is required to uphold the same standards as a hospital does. We are accredited by both the CAAASF (Canadian Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities) and the CPSO (College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario). For a true insider look watch our office tour here:

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