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Too Good to Be True?

October 28, 2011ICLS0Tags: , , , , Categories: Home, ICLS

Vivier has recently launched a free product program that in our opinion could not get any sweeter! It’s so good we should almost keep it a secret. But we’ve decided to spread the love…the Platine love!

Vivier Platine has been an amazing product at our cosmetic surgery clinic since approximately January of this year. However, starting Monday of this week, every Platine product comes with either one or two free products. Now we’re not talking a product that is being discontinued, or something that is not popular…we’re talking Vivier CE Peptides, one of the most popular (and I should mention expensive) high potency Vitamin C’s. Also, up for grabs is Vivier TMR, which is a topical muscle relaxant, often used to soften fine lines and wrinkles either alone or in combination with BOTOX® injections. So down to the nitty gritty:

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