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Karen B. is the Pre-op Nurse at our cosmetic surgery clinic. Karen is the woman you can expect to see prior to surgeries such as breast augmentation, liposuction or abdominoplasty to name a few! the type of woman who always washes off her makeup and applies a rejuvenating face cream each night before bed. Karen tells us that she loves the Vivier Platine line. She especially loved the promotion we were offering that allowed her to get 2 free Vivier products when she purchased her Platine program, so she bought some for friends and family as presents this year too! Karen is living proof of how a strict beauty regimen pays off years down the road.

However, despite her diligence, Karen began to notice that her skin didn’t have the same tautness that it used to. Karen has an incredibly busy work schedule so she wanted a procedure that would be non-invasive as well as not be too time consuming. That was why Thermage® was definitely the treatment for her! Thermage® helps tighten and contour the skin with only a single treatment. It stimulates collagen deep within the skin to improve the contours of the jaw line, neck line, upper and lower face and eyelids. Thermage® acts as an effective foundation for any anti-aging treatment. If Karen is our proof, sign us up!

Tighten and Contour Your Skin with Thermage<sup>®</sup>
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