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Taut Tummies Here We Come

Some of you may wonder if non-surgical fat removal is too good to be true. It does sound that way doesn’t it? Having a procedure with NO DOWNTIME, NO PAIN, NO SURGERY AND NO SCARRING? Where do I sign up?

But I think it’s really important to know what it ACTUALLY takes to get a technology like Zeltiq Coolsculpting® through our doors. Because believe me, we have patients calling asking about new up-and-coming procedures all the time. Chances are if it is a medical-grade procedure with proven efficacy and studies to support it, we’ve probably tried it. But that’s not where the journey ends. We literally have over 30 lasers/technologies in our office. Every single one of those went through rigorous and intensive scrutiny by our medical nursing staff as well of course Dr. Sheetal Sapra and Dr. Julie Khanna. We are very conscious of the fact that we’ve built our reputation upon a foundation of strong and trusting relationships with the patients we treat. Every single one of our staff has to be willing and able to stand behind a new technology coming into the office. And that often means being human guinea pigs ourselves!

We can’t just trust a claim a company makes…we need to put it to the test! We want to know that if a non-surgical fat reduction procedure claims to visually reduce that dreaded pooch of abdominal fat, than gosh-darn-it…it better do just that and we want to see it on our own tummies! We also find that having the procedure ourselves truly empowers us to speak first-hand about our experience and the results we achieved.

Fall is definitely a time that the clinic gets amped up for busy days and humming technologies. Whether it’s getting ready for Christmas parties or the fact that the sunny summer months are behind us, many people choose October, November and December to start on the procedures they may have been putting off.


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