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Women of Leisure

5 Simple Tricks to brighten your skin in these final ‘Daze’ of summer.

I have an on going joke with my girlfriends when we get together. Wining & dining or even just sitting on a dock staring out onto a lake (while posting a plethora of instagram shots). We always hash tag our photos #WomenOfLeisure or better yet #WomenOfSoftCommitment. (A complete and utter juxtaposition). In actuality, we are real women, working day in – day out, some with children, some with demanding jobs and some just craving a day out. In these final days of summer, I look back and I realize the amount of work, special occasions and events that have come and gone and all the amazing and not so healthy indulgences that come with enjoying these fabulous “Summer Daze”. The majority of us tend to forget that true beauty comes from within, and by “within” I mean, nutrition. One of the fastest and most successful beauty regimes that you can provide your skin can simply be found at a farmers market. A recently published book by, Jolene Hart, a beauty nutrition expert, who for years has suffered with cystic acne, eczema, sensitive skin and digestive issues, has come out with “Eat Pretty, Nutrition and Beauty from the Inside Out”. For those of you that battle skin conditions or are regular patients of Dr. Sapra’s Dermatology Clinic, this book is a fabulous addition to your skin regiment. In this slideshow, we will show you a few simple nutritional foods and activities to brighten and detoxify your skin. And, check out Jolene Hart’s book for fabulous recipes and tips to naturally improve your body and soul.

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