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Say It With Me: Cynergy!

Dr Sapra, ICLS’s dermatologist explains that rosacea is a skin condition that can be very frustrating for people that are affected by it. Patients often experience constant redness, vessels or flushing of the face. Sometimes this redness can also appear alongside a type of acne rosacea. Fortunately, ICLS has a great solution to help mitigate the appearance of rosacea and other forms of facial redness such as red acne scarring.

The Cynergy Laser combines a PDL (Pulse Dye Laser) and a YAG Laser; to yield outstanding results by reducing redness significantly. The cynergy has become one of the most popular treatments at our cosmetic surgery clinic. Not only is it a valuable and effective technology, but with 13 million North Americans suffering from rosacea, it’s no wonder it’s such a highly sought after treatment!

Cynergy - Rosacea Treatment at ICLS
Cynergy - Rosacea Treatment at ICLS
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