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Last week Dr. Khanna and Sapra, took a red eye to England on a Monday and were back to the office on the Wednesday of the same week. If you know Dr. Sapra like I do, leaving in the middle of a work week falls firmly on the top of his unacceptable list. So what prompted him to spend less than 24 hours in London, England? The short answer? Dr. Khanna and Sapra were invited to have Tea at Buckingham Palace! The event is held twice a year in the gardens of the palace where the Queen and Prince Philip attend and greet lucky visitors.

Royal Tea at Buckingham Palace

Upon their return, everyone was dying to know two things: Is the queen really as short as she seems on television? (Yes) and how on earth did Dr. Khanna prevent the inevitable, trans-Atlantic flight, bags under her eyes?

For a long time Dr. Khanna would recommend Preparation H to her surgical patients to aid in reducing swelling around the eyes. Further prompting revealed that she too would use PrepH under her eyes on particularly desperate mornings. Fortunately however, she has since upgraded and switched to using the Obagi Elastiderm eye cream. The eye cream not only helps in reducing puffiness but works to build the elasticity of the skin as well. Not to mention the fact that we no longer have to endure the embarrassing looks at the pharmacy.

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