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Referral Program for Breast Cancer Research!

Referral Program for Breast Cancer Research!

Looking back it is hard to believe that Dr. Khanna started her practice with a staff of five, when she is now running a practice of over fifty staff! Dr. Khanna single handedly credits the growth of her practice to patient’s word of mouth referrals. We know that in past, having a plastic surgery procedure was shrouded with the desire to keep it a secret. However, we are finding more and more that patients are so excited and thrilled following their surgery, that they cannot wait to share their experience with friends and family. When we ask patients how they heard about Dr. Khanna, the majority say a friend or a family member. In fact, many express that having a personal referral to Dr. Khanna allowed them to put their reservations aside and explore their own options with plastic surgery.

We have thought long and hard about how we may show our appreciation for happy patients sharing their experiences with others. And since we know that most people share their experiences for the most selfless of reasons, we thought there would be nothing more appropriate than to make a donation on their behalf to one of our favorite organizations: The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation! This week marks our official launch of our ICLS Ambassador Program. In celebration of these word of mouth referrals, Dr. Khanna’s Plastic Surgery team is going to make a donation on behalf of each patient who successfully refers another patient to have surgery.

So what does this mean for our wonderful patients who are busy sharing their experiences? When a new patient comes into the office we are always curious how they heard about us and Dr. Khanna. If they mention that you referred them, we’ll put a little note on your file. Once that patient is successfully booked for surgery we will make a donation on your behalf to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

But it doesn’t stop there…while we cannot wait to grow our amount of donations to support breast cancer research, our #1 priority that is maintained within our clinic at all times is patient confidentiality. It is an component of our practice that is never compromised. So our patients can remain confident that while they may be shouting their experiences from the rooftops; on the side of ICLS, “mum’s the word.”

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