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For those of you who follow us on Instagram and Facebook, you have probably noticed over the last week we have been posting pictures of our staff bare faced with the hashtag #NoMakeupSelfie?! If you are a social media user and follower your feeds have probably been full over the last few weeks with women posting bare faced pictures of themselves in the name of “cancer awareness/research” and may have even been “nominated” for one yourself, but not provided any information on how it was providing awareness or funds to cancer research or sure how any of it was all linking back to the cause? This is where the initiative’s original message unfortunately got lost in a bit of a game of, “telephone” if you will. Somewhere along the way, people stopped posting the correct info to prompt donations and explain to the viewer, why they were going bare faced in the first place…I mean no one needs to see me bare faced for no reason, that’s what nightmares are made from. 😉 So, even I was left scratching my head.

It wasn’t until our old Business Development Manager Rachel (who, by the way had her beautiful baby girl this past Friday the 28th), forwarded me this article from the Toronto Star, that I finally went, “Oh! That’s why!”


So, after reading the article and connecting the dots, we decided we would get involved ourselves and start posting our bare faced #NoMakeupSelfies to our Instagram and Facebook page(s) to hopefully help raise awareness about the initiative and get some donations too. Below you can see some of our staff #NoMakeupSelfies and we encourage all of our readers, especially as we enter April, which is Daffodil and Cancer Awareness month to please text, FIGHT to 45678 and donate $5 to the Canadian Cancer Society. Every donations counts and can help make a difference! Also, don’t forget if you want to get involved in the #NoMakeupSelfie viral campaign, be sure to post the appropriate info as well.

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