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Neck Lift

December 8, 2010ICLS0Categories: Face, Home

Julie Khanna MD, FRCSC, Plastic Surgeon

Lax skin on the neck is a common sign of aging many find embarrassing. Jowls are areas of laxed skin and facial fat that hang below or along the jaw line. When this occurs, it causes a loss of jaw definition.

Thermage® to tighten sagging skin is available for patients that would like to correct mild jowling. Thermage® can only offer temporary, limited results, therefore, for severe jowling or for patients seeking a longer term solution, a neck-lift or chin liposuction may be the best option.

If a neck-lift is recommended, loose skin will be cut and removed with the remaining skin and muscle tightened and re-draped to contour around the neck giving a more youthful appearance. Other facial surgical procedures can be performed in conjunction with a neck-lift such as a face-lift and chin/cheek augmentations. Also, anti-aging creams to promote collagen growth and facial exercises to stimulate blood flow to the area can help increase recovery time and prolong the results of a neck-lift.

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