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Milan adventures continue…by train!

So if you read my previous tale about George Clooney, you might think that our travels to foreign lands are all about having fun and kicking back, but that is simply not so. We actually travel with a purpose and this trip was no exception. When we woke on Monday morning at 5:30am, we were all business. We had to take a car to the train station, which when you’re in a country that English is not the first language, it can be a little intimidating. Luckily we had someone in the office that was able to navigate the Euro-train ticket websites and bought all of our tickets in advance. Thank you, Shannon! We were off to Neuchatal, Switzerland, to visit an extremely talented physician, Marva Safa at LaJouvence Clinic.

Zurich HB

We made it the train station in plenty of time and even had time to grab a quick Espresso. We found the right platform, and we felt we were well on our way to Switzerland and feeling quite proud of ourselves. Minus the stairs in the train station being a challenge to Dr. Sapra who had torn his MCL in three places, even before we left Oakville. We were doing pretty well until, while lifting our bags into the overhead on our very first train, he tore his bicep muscle completely off the tendon!! Okay, what the heck is going on here? After some skeptical comments from Kelli, Abi and myself, we realized, he was really injured. I have to say, he was more than a trooper. We continued on, transferred trains in Bern and eventually arrived at our destination. I must say, the gorgeous scenery throughout the journey acted as a great distraction from the pain that Dr. Sapra must have been experiencing. He even continued to slug his own bags around…..I was impressed!

Swiss SceneryWe were greeted at the train station by, Alexis, Dr. Safa’s practice manager who was very entertaining and gave us a brief history of the beautiful town of Neuchatal. When we arrived at the clinic, we were welcomed by Dr. Safa and her lovely staff.  She had planned to do a full assessment of the aging face and explained that she became interested in the correction of facial aging while working as an Internist and helping peri-menopausal women with the skin issues associated with depleting Estrogen. She had my attention!!

ICLS staff and Dr. Safa

She introduced us to a lovely lady who appeared to be in her early 50’s. She was very pretty, but very thin and had very little, to no fat left in her face. Dr. Safa explained that by using very little product, specifically placed in the appropriate area, she could literally take 5-7 years off of her face. She did just that! I was amazed!

Now that we learned the secrets of the Swiss, we headed back to the train station to make the long trek to Milano, Italy, where we would see the King of peri-orbital rejuvenation, Dr. Massimo Signorini.

Kelli and Abi

See, I told you we work hard when we travel. Our adventure continues.

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