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 Cosmetic Update 2014

Cosmetic Update 2014 at the Shangri-La in Toronto

For those of you who don’t follow Dr. Sapra and Dr. Khanna’s projects outside of ICLS, you may not be aware that they are the founders of a very prestigious meeting of Canadian physicians.

With both Doctors being pioneers of new techniques and technologies, they are always seeking ways to bring the best, most innovative treatments to their practice.  In 2005, Dr. Sapra introduced the idea of inviting the top 40 Cosmetic Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons in Canada, to share in a 2 day, intense meeting of the minds.  In January, 2007, the inaugural Cosmetic Update meeting was held at the Occidental Royal Hideaway in Cancun, Mexico. That was over 8 years ago and many changes in the industry have taken place. However, there is one thing that has remained the same and that is, Cosmetic Update is one of the most innovative, cutting edge and popular meeting of cosmetic physicians in the world. This year the meeting was held in Toronto at the beautiful Shangri-La. It is a “by invite only” event, with the most sought after international speakers in the industry. In past, Cosmetic Update has had speakers from Hong Kong, Italy, Australia, United Kingdom and Thailand, to name a few. This year alone, we were honored to welcome Dr. Marva Safa of Switzerland, Dr. Simon Ravichandran of the UK and Dr. Danny Vleggaar from the south of France, among other speakers who are our neighbours to the south. This included Dr. Louis Bucky from Philadelphia who is a pioneer in fat grafting and he was kind enough to speak at a special Plastic Surgeon’s symposium with Dr. Khanna.

This meeting is one-of-a-kind and generates lots of discussion, sharing of ideas and encourages the field of aesthetic medicine to continue to evolve and improve.

Again, if you think you know a lot about what ICLS does, it’s probably only the tip of the iceberg.  I am very proud to be part of this team of professionals who never sit back and say “we’ve got this and there’s nothing more to learn!”

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