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Maintaining a Sunny Disposition

June 13, 2011ICLS0Categories: Face, Home, ICLS

I am thrilled to be introducing the first of our “staff picks.” We’re always discussing our favourite products and treatments within the office and so we thought it would be a good idea to let you in on these conversations.

First up is Rachel. Spending a great deal of time riding, Rachel is a fervent believer in wearing sunscreen everyday. Her sister often jokes that her skin is so fair it’s practically translucent. Having sampled her fair share of sunscreens, her favourite is without a doubt SkinCeuticals Sheer Physical UV Defense. It’s an SPF 50, chemical free, paraben free, and great for acne prone skin. Her favourite feature however, is the fact that it has a wonderful matte texture and dries instantly, perfect for wearing under makeup.

We hope you’re all enjoying this lovely weather and are SPF equipped!


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