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International Women’s Day

As most of you may know ICLS largely consists of women in our workforce. Do not be fooled it is not a prerequisite, it is simply because of their perseverance and determination in what they do. And we give kudos to the men in our clinic, who work alongside such a large group of inspirational women! The struggle is real!

In honor of this year’s International Woman’s Day, we would like to shine a spotlight on our team of women and the unique force behind ICLS, our Clinic Director, Karen Rosbrook! This “well-oiled machine” (a Karen Rosbrook quote) we call ICLS has reached its highest potential through her guidance and beliefs and we would like to nominate her as our 2015’s most Inspirational Women. She has worked side-by-side Dr. Khanna and Dr. Sapra from the beginning to mold and give structure to the ICLS culture that has served loyal to the households of Oakville and the surrounding area for over 20 years!

As an inspirational woman to all other women that work alongside her, we thought it best to ask her some inspiring questions:

How old would you be if you didn't know?

I would be 39. Mainly because I didn’t know much before my 30’s and I think that at 39, I finally learned to be OK and love the person that I am. My 40’s were great too, but 39 just sounds better.


That’s easy! Love what you do! Enjoy life and don’t do things that you don’t enjoy, or at least minimize them. If there is one thing I have learned is LIFE IS SHORT, SO DON’T WASTE IT!


Now that’s hard, because I really live my life the way I want to. I don’t worry too much about being judged. Maybe sing out loud, because I’ve never been very musically inclined and I feel I have a pretty bad singing voice but would love to belt out a tune at a karaoke bar but I am afraid they would throw tomatoes!


I actually had to leave this question and come back to it. Not because I couldn’t remember (ha ha), but because I wasn’t sure what was worth writing! Every day I do my best to have a positive effect on those around me. I try to be considerate of others. Make time for those in need and to not sweat the small stuff! I guess that is worth remembering!


I don’t think either. I think it’s a normal, natural reaction to strong emotion. Everyone cries at some point or other, whether it’s due to fright, sorrow or anger. My favorite tears are the overwhelming, sobby ones that happen when you are overcome with JOY!


When it comes to loved ones, there is nothing I wouldn’t do to save them from demise. However, if you’re asking me if I’d cover for them, then I believe in leading by example and that would set a poor one. I’ve always taught my kids to take ownership of their actions and I believe that’s why they’ve always thought twice before making bad decisions. Unfortunately, it didn’t always stop them!


Besides eating an early dinner and wearing comfortable footwear, the happiness and well-being of my children and their families. I have always measured my success by the success of my children. Now, I’m not talking about material success or what career paths they have chosen, but are they happy? Good news so far is that I’ve been very successful!


I had to narrow this one down, because since entering my 50’s and remembering that life is short (refer to question #2), I have tried a few new things. I guess the most recent has been that I attended a class that taught us how to administer our own deep tissue massage with rubber balls. I have to say, I was skeptical at first but it actually works! The only problem is if you get too relaxed and nod off, the massage stops instantly!


I would have to say spending time with my amazing grand-daughter Evie. She is so incredibly precious, that the time flies by so fast when I’m with her. She will be 1 year old soon and I can’t believe how fast the time has flown by.


This answer is sort of a carry-over from the previous one, but I would spend more time with my children. When I think about my first daughter’s birth, it feels like yesterday and she is nearly 30. As an infant, I can remember every detail from how she looked, and sounded even to how she smelled. I remember pushing her to say her first word, to crawl, and eventually to walk. Now I just want those times back. The unmade bed doesn’t matter, the dishes will get done when she sleeps, and the phone call to a friend can wait. You will never get back this day, hour or minute!


I am very fortunate, because I am in a position where people come to me for advice and leadership. This just kind of happened through the growth of the clinic and my position. More and more, I am coaching and mentoring others with the business and this has recently become somewhat of a teaching position. I truly enjoy the positive impact that my role has on others around me. I genuinely care about their successes and value the relationships that have been fostered. I didn’t plan on being a teacher, but sometimes it just happens.


Of course, besides my amazing husband and children, I would regret not having the opportunities that I’ve been so fortunate to be presented with. Twenty years ago, I met Doctors Khanna and Sapra and they have been an extremely strong influence in my life. Besides my parents, I can honestly say that they have demonstrated to me what being part of a solid family unit feels like. They have shown me that loyalty, caring and generosity is something that comes from within and sharing this with no expectation is the way to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

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