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I’m All Ears

August 30, 2011ICLS0Tags: , , , , Categories: Face, Home, ICLS

We’ve all been there or at least seen (especially those of us who lived for the 80’s!)…the droopy, sagging earlobes caused by wearing too heavy of earrings. Earlobe rejuvenation is one of fastest growing and in-demand procedures for women of all ages. Whether it be a misshapen or large hole, a tear, or the dreaded “lifeless lobes”, earlobe repair can work wonders!

I’m All Ears

There are many different ways to repair the ears and Cindy was kind enough to let us follow her throughout the process. If the earring has been torn down or out of the ear, Dr. Julie Khanna will likely need to surgically repair the damage. However, Cindy was most concerned about her enlarged holes (presumably from a pair of Madonna-esque door knockers) and lack of volume in her lobes. To treat Cindy’s concerns, we first used TCA to repair the size of the hole, and then used a small amount of Hylauronic acid fillers to plump up and restore youthfulness to her earlobes.

The procedure itself took less than 15 minutes and she was right back to work. She was so thrilled that she wanted to share her results with everyone via our blog.

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