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Festivus for the Rest of us!

August 20, 2014Karen Rosbrook0Tags: , Categories: Home, ICLS

Every November, the ICLS crew start planning a get together for what we call “Festivus.” For those of you old enough to remember Seinfeld, you know what we are talking about. For those of you who are not, it’s a get together for those individuals who are concerned with being politically correct and including everyone.  We stole the name from Seinfeld and ICLS Winter Festivus was born, in early December.

Then of course in true ICLS fashion, once a year was not enough, so we added Summer Festivus. Soon thereafter, we felt a need to celebrate Spring and it just wouldn’t be right to leave Fall out, especially with Octoberfest having so many possibilities. Well, now I’ll get to the reason for all of this, we just celebrated Summer Festivus by hitting the bowling alley this past Friday. I have to say, bowling was never so elaborate, when I used to go, “back in the day”, as my kids put it.

We took a bus downtown to a place that I didn’t even know existed, called the “Ballroom”. We ate wings, nachos, three kinds of poutine and played ping pong while waiting for our lanes. There was live music, huge TV screens and a bit of a club feel. It was so much fun albeit, both Dr. Khanna and I were in competition for how many gutter balls we could throw in a row! I won, but just barely!! It always amazes me that people that work so hard and spend so much time together, can enjoy each other’s company so much. Thank you to everyone that participated and can’t wait to do the Polka in October with all of you!

Festivus for the Rest of us!
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