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Empire State of Mind

As you may remember from one of our previous posts, our plastics team, informally known as “Team Awesome,” visited New York City for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) meeting. The dream team consisted of female plastic surgeon Dr. Khanna, Jaime, Roxanne, Beth, Karen and Brenda. It is a remarkable opportunity to attend the 2013 Aesthetic Meeting because of the variety of experiences and learning opportunities available to attendees. Including but not limited to: informative scientific sessions, hands-on workshops, and live demonstrations taught by the finest surgeons and professionals in the industry.

ICLS’ Plastic Surgery Team is in a Empire State of Mind

In addition, there were countless sessions and courses in higher aesthetic education, and over 200 technical and scientific exhibits. Let’s just say it’s a good thing that the plastics team love what they do because they were living and breathing cosmetic surgery for three days straight. This year Jaime was officially certified as a Plastic Surgical Skincare Specialist through the ASAPS meeting. She quickly accepted her newfound title and decided to put out helpful videos on skincare and how to achieve your best skin! Click below to watch Jaime’s newest episode!

Upon their return, we wanted to get insight into the true value of the meeting from our Plastics Manager Roxanne. Roxanne illustrated that oddly enough, it was often the time spent outside of the panel discussions and seminars that she learned the most. Now before you start thinking that this is because all the girls took the opportunity to hit up SOHO for some boutique shopping, we’ll stop you right there. Roxanne mentioned that the day to day at ICLS is always beyond busy, therefore taking the time to step back, regroup and see the bigger picture of what they do everyday was truly invaluable. The number one goal of these learning experiences is always to evaluate, re-evaluate and then re-re-evaluate how to improve patient care.

Making dramatic changes at ICLS requires time for reflection and the opportunity to speak openly and honestly as a team. Luckily, NYC provided the perfect forum for that. Not only were they surrounded by experts in their field, but they also had the opportunity to have in depth discussions about areas they want to improve, or additions they want to make. In Roxanne’s words: We left with a re-confirmed sense of pride for ICLS and Dr. Khanna. Cue the: awwwws. Welcome back ladies, we missed you!

ICLS’ Plastic Surgery Team is in a Empire State of Mind
ICLS’ Plastic Surgery Team is in a Empire State of Mind
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