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Dr. Sapra on CHCH News

As a team we always joke that Dermatologist Dr. Sapra would be perfect for the spotlight. Whether he means to or not, we find his humour outrageously funny, but unfortunately without the ability to act, dance or sing his chances of an Oscar, Emmy or Grammy are not anywhere in the foreseeable future. But when he sticks to dermatology, it is a recipe for a great television appearance.

Maria Hayes from CHCH News recently requested an interview with Dr. Sapra to discuss the revolutionary new treatment ability of the Verisante™ Aura. We are quite proud of the fact that Maria Hayes and her top-notch investigative team considered Dr. Sapra an authority and the go to source for the subject. The work that Dr. Sapra has been doing over the years has slowly but surely contributed to his status as a specialist on melanoma awareness and he comes equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology. Case and point is the Verisante™ Aura. We have written about the Verisante™ Aura in previous posts but thought we would elaborate once more because it really is a remarkable technology that can contribute to saving thousands of lives through skin cancer prevention and early detection.

One in three cancer diagnoses is skin cancer. With a statistic that alarming, the best defense is prevention. The old adage: “prevention is better than a cure” is at the root philosophy behind the Verisante™ Aura technology. The Verisante™ Aura Scan is a painless, non-invasive laser that uses state-of-the art technology to analyze suspicious moles and lesions in the detection of skin cancer (Actinic Keratosis, Basal cell carcinoma, Squamous cell carcinoma and Melanoma). This system provides valuable information by rapidly identifying spectral changes associated with the biochemistry of skin cancer cells. The Aura does this with a 99% accuracy rate. It’s a tool that Dr. Sapra just couldn’t wait to add to his tool belt!

So how does it work?

The procedure is entirely non-invasive, with no cutting and no scarring. In a typical procedure, the hand-held probe is held above a mole or lesion. The infrared laser light from the probe’s tip is then used to illuminate the skin. Light from the probe is scattered, measuring subtle vibrational shifts in the skin molecules. Since cancerous molecules vibrate differently than healthy tissue, the scan results will identify the mole/lesion as either a weaker similarity or stronger similarity to that of a malignant lesion. Scans of multiple spots are accomplished quickly and accurately with immediate results. We are thrilled to be able to be the first and only clinic in Ontario to have the technology and to be among only 3 practices in Canada offering this service to patients.

Dr. Sapra shared all of this information is this recent CHCH interview with Maria Hayes. In the interview, patient Marg explained that she had had a basal cell removed years ago. She found the Aura to be an amazing technology due to the fact that it relieved the anxiety she felt when waiting for biopsy results that can sometimes take up to two weeks. In the interview you can see Marg’s lesion being scanned in a dark room with the results coming back as a weaker similarity. While we wish we had the video to show you, we hope that you may have watched the episode on the 6pm News, or that this post helps you to understand more about the Verisante™ Aura.

Keep checking back as we will have a NEW Patient Experience Video on mole removal and Verisante™ Aura coming shortly to ICLS.CA and our YouTube channel!

Dr. Sapra on CHCH News

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