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A CoolSculpting® Lifestyle

CoolSculpting® is a super cool (no pun intended…ok, maybe I did it on purpose, but who could resist?) innovative treatment that offers patients a non-surgical alternative to body contouring. It works by cooling and ultimately destroying a focused layer of fat cells that are naturally excreted through the body over time. It is gaining more and more popularity among patients seeking alternatives to surgery – whether for financial, personal or other reasons, but still wanting to see tangible body sculpting results.

A CoolSculpting<sup>®</sup> Lifestyle

As Coolsculpting® continues to grow in demand and popularity, it has been featured in numerous print and television features as the go-to option for slimming without surgery. Here are a few recent articles where you can find out what all the buzz is about.

Now, I know you are wondering what areas can be treated using this technology and who can use it, right? Well, the areas it can be used include, around your mid-section, including tummy and “love handles”, inner thighs, under your bum, arms…and ladies even that stubborn area of “bra fat” can be treated.  CoolSculpting® can be done on either female or male patients, and is actually one of our more popular Skin Spa treatments for males. And, the best part? It is a relatively painless treatment with the sensation being more in line with a strong cooling suction.

As with any treatment, results vary from patient to patient, but if you are interested in body sculpting and surgery is not an option, whether financially, by choice or any other reason this is definitely a great alternative. Results for CoolSculpting® are not immediate, with patients often not seeing full results until about 8 weeks post treatment.  As with any body sculpting treatment, results can be long lasting, but lifestyle will play a major role as weight gain is still possible post treatment.

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