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A Bare Faced Journey!

April 25, 2014NicoleParaan0Categories: Charity, Face, Home, ICLS, Skin

If you were asked to take it off, take it all off, would you???

Your makeup that is! Well that’s just what some of my ICLS family and I did. Social media has opened up so many different opportunities to bring awareness to great causes, and this was another one of those! For cancer awareness month a few of us ladies decided to show our support with the ‘No Make-up Selfie’ by posting ourselves in all our bare-faced glory on different social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. For myself, it was a no brainer! A cause so close to my heart – why not see if I could peak enough curiosity to get people donating?!

But just one thing dun dun dunnnnnnn…Eek…was I ready to showcase what I really looked like first thing in the morning??

I felt surprisingly more self-conscious than I thought I would. If you had asked me a couple years ago, it would have been easy! I never needed makeup to hide any blemishes or spots on my face…there just weren’t any (I even just rolled my eyes at myself). But, all of a sudden BOOM it all hit me at once! My skin changed – I was breaking out, I had a lot of sunspots and post-inflammatory pigmentation, oh and my metabolism slowed down, down, down, but the latter journey I’ll leave for another time.

So how did I fix it, and muster up enough confidence to bare it all? The answer is patience and a good skin care regime. I must say that my number one go-to that changed everything for me was my handy-dandy hot pink Clarisonic brush. Nothing else can give me a deep clean feel and deep clean results, without seriously irritating my skin like this Godsend! Paired with my SkinCeuticals Blemish and Age Cleansing Gel, I was able to address treatment for the blemishes and the prevention of aging skin…. Like HELLO, now that’s what you call killing two birds with one stone.

Another product that I definitely know helped on my journey to bare it all was my SkinTX Clarite. It did wonders to diminish the pigmented areas on my face and give me skin an all-over balanced look. This took a little bit of time, and that’s where the patience part really stepped-in. The spots got a tad darker at first before they decided to leave their cozy home on my face, but WOW did it work!

Finally, I can’t say enough about how important protecting your skin is, especially given the whole point behind the no make-up selfie and cancer awareness. Three letters will change your life… S-P-F! Coming from someone with blemish-prone skin I always thought that sunscreen would make it worse… I was wrong! An SPF will prevent, protect and with the right one it is not going to irritate your skin. I can’t tell you enough how much I wish I had made a sunscreen a staple in my regime a long time ago. I know now, how much good I’m doing when I slap a layer on my face every single day.

So there that is, the journey to taking it all off…and here I am baring it all:


But let’s not forget the most important part, the reason why I decided to do this in the first place, cancer awareness. The information in my above picture is still very much active and would love it if my post and participation in this initiative could garner a few more donations?!

I can’t wait to take part in other creative ways to kick cancer’s butt!

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