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Australia – Part Two

Dermatologist Dr. Sapra is a self-professed skincare lover! That’s why we feel perfectly safe admitting that he has a skin care regimen that would put even Kim Kardashian to shame. When he announced to the team that he planned on travelling half-way around the world to visit a number of clinics in Australia to learn about their use of skincare, procedures and sun protection; he was met with a considerable amount of hesitation. Did Dr. Sapra know that he was in for a twenty two hour flight? You read that correctly…twenty two whole hours! Dr. Sapra’s team broached the question cautiously and were met with an affirmative Dr. Sapra-esque answer: “Well, you’ve got to do, what you’ve got to do!”

So off went Dr. Sapra, Karen, Abi, Kelli and Rachel to the land down under. They packed their travel pillows, gossip magazines and of course some Platine Peptide CR creme to prevent dehydrated skin on the plane. After a marathon of a flight, Dr. Sapra’s team landed safe and sound in Melbourne and got prepared for their visit to Dr. Greg Goodman’s office at the Dermatology Institute of Victoria. Dr. Goodman has been a practicing dermatologist for more than 20 years. His areas of specialty include skin cancers, MOHS micrographic surgery, lasers in dermatology, cosmetic dermatology and the treatment of acne and post-acne scarring. He holds the position of Chief of Surgery at the Skin and Cancer Foundation and has an academic teaching position as Adjunct Associate Professor with Monash University. He has always had a keen interest in skin care and skin therapeutics, and has published extensively on acne and acne scarring. He has lectured widely both in Australia and overseas on the nature of skin ageing and its treatment and has even designed a cutting-edge software to assess skin ageing and optimize treatment suggestions.

Karen, Abi, Kelli and Rachel at the Dermatology Institute of Victoria

This software is known as HOYS – The Home of Younger Skin and Dr. Sapra and his team were anxious to have their own skin assessment upon arrival to their clinic. After having the assessment, Karen, Abi and Kelli jumped for joy when HOYS showed their skin age as at least 5 years younger than their true age (don’t worry ladies, I won’t give away your little secret.) But when Rachel tried to avoid the topic they immediately knew she didn’t have good news to share. With all over freckles and pigmentation from the sun, Rachel’s skin age was 30 when in fact she is only 26. She admits that she couldn’t have gotten her hands on a Skintx program for pigmentation fast enough after hitting the tarmac in Toronto! But back to HOYS…

It’s a self-assesment program developed to help the patient plan their own rejuvenation goals. The beauty (pun intended) of the program is that the patient is responsible for their own assessment prior to their consultation appointment. First the HOYS program analyses 7 main areas (forehead, eyes, cheeks, lower face, neck, hands and décolletage) that contribute to one’s overall skin age. You then compare your own skin areas against a set of photographs, selecting images that best match your actual appearance. Based on the ratings you make, HOYS generates a report of your “skin age” for each of the seven regions. The ratings from these regions are then combined and your overall “skin age” score is calculated. It then becomes possible to come up with a personalized plan that best meets your individual needs. HOYS helps patients understand their skin so together with your clinician, you can agree on a plan for rejuvenation.

The Dermatology Institute of Victoria

As a team we took away a lot from meeting with Dr. Goodman and his team. Not only do they have a stunningly gorgeous office which is flooded with natural light and modern amenities, our primary take away was the value of gathering as much information as possible prior to an appointment with a patient. This will enable Dr. Sapra and our team of nurses to understand patients’ expectations and treat their needs effectively and accordingly.

As a new patient this may be most evident in the implementation of our online portal. New patients and any of our repeat patients who would like to register can get a unique security code from our staff. You then sign onto our website through a secure portal and answer information pertaining to your demographics, medical history and even your goals for treatment. Visit www.icls.ca to take a closer look at our Patient Portal and feel free to call our office for your unique code to get started!

Thank you again to all the staff at Dr. Greg Goodman’s office. You were so kind and unbelievably helpful during our visit. Your clinic was beautiful and your staff are so knowledgeable, we only hope that one day we can return the favour.

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