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Allow me to introduce myself…

January 23, 2014ShannonBoyle0Tags: Categories: Home, ICLS

Hi! *waves hand frantically* – yeah, I’m cool like that.

My name is Shannon Boyle and I have recently jumped on board with ICLS as the new, Business Development Manager and self-proclaimed future Joan Rivers, in terms of number of surgeries and treatments…not outcome! I kid, I kid…well maybe not completely. 😉 I was asked to write this post to introduce myself to our patients as well as give my new co-workers a bit more about myself, both professionally and personally. So, here it goes…


My experience kind of runs the gamut in terms of industry and roles, but I’ll start with the first job that guided me towards my career focus. That was working for one of the world’s largest prestige beauty brands and one of their luxury hair care companies as both the Product Development Coordinator and Timeline Manager. This was an amazing experience that opened many opportunities for learning and growth in all areas of that side of the beauty business. Also, it fed my already there, addiction to beauty products, so what’s not to love, right?! Unfortunately, when the economy plummeted in ’08-’09, the decision was made to close the Canadian office and move it all into the US, so on the hunt I went – for a job…not deer or anything.

That led me to several temporary business consulting opportunities, which included a baby retailer, mommy spa, women’s conference, etc.; all of which were amazing opportunities and furthered my professional experience and skills. From these I went into marketing communications for a car rental company, which was bought out and led to my job being cut, which led me to some serious thinking. During this time of thought I established a few things, 1- I LOVE the beauty industry and wanted to get back into it in some form, 2- I wanted my next job to have serious long term potential, 3- I wanted to find something that utilized and built on all my experiences and professional skills. These three things, along with a few interviews, meetings, emails, perhaps a bit of begging and pleading (totally kidding…sort of) led me here, to ICLS.

I was actually a Dermatology and Skin Spa patient prior to becoming a member of the staff, so I know what it is to be on the other side of the coin/counter as well. I have always been impressed with the feeling of team and family when I come here, and am always blown away by the extent of knowledge, honesty and support every member I came in contact with exuded. Now to be part of all of it, is very exciting and I look forward to what the future has in store for me here.


Well, I am mom to an amazingly spirited, outgoing and beautiful little girl (not biased at all, total truth here), who keeps me on my toes and singing “the wheels on the bus” non-stop. My husband and I met when we were teenagers and have been together ever since – total fairy tale right?! *rolling eyes*. I call him my husband, although he hasn’t put a ring on it and no ceremony has been attended, but like I said, we have been together for an eternity and common-law for half of one, so it seems fitting. Oh, and I have one fur baby who came before my human baby; Katie our family cat, who baby girl calls “meow”…poor cat is so confused now. In all honesty I love my little family so much and am a complete family gal at heart, loving to spend my free time with them as well as the rest of our family. Aside from that stuff, I have a lifestyle and beauty blog I maintain outside of work, am addicted to coffee, love to read, am a total beauty product junkie, candy lover, very girly and honestly just love life.

I hope this long winded post has helped with the “get to know you’s” and if you see me around and want to say, “hey!” please feel free to do so. I am definitely not lacking when it comes to the gift of gab. I also, have an open door policy always, even though it is often closed – details. 🙂

Shannon Boyle
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